NW.js Documentation for 0.13 and later

"Frosty mornin' makes that hoss purty frisky," said the Deacon, as he readjusted his hat, and got himself in shape after his jolting. "Lucky, though. I didn't like that old General's voice. I'm afraid he had it in for me, and would 've made me trouble for lowerin' his dignity by callin' him Captain. Big officers are awfully tetchy."NW.js lets you call all Node.js modules directly from DOM and enables a new way of writing applications with all Web technologies. It was previously known as “node-webkit” project.

The document is structured in three major parts:

  • For Users - Documents for developing apps based on NW.js
  • For Developers - Documents for developers who want to extend NW.js
  • References - NW.js API references

Watched, evenings, turn and turn about, till midnight, Dick told him. Mr. Whiteside took the day shift and came on to relieve us every midnight.The source of the document is in our git repo. PRs are welcome.

Table of Contents